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Product Overview:

Thank Dr. Oz for bringing this to your clients’ attention. You might also want to thank him for the built-in publicity he’s given products like Phyto350, because it means VERY good things for your cash flow!

Phyto350 helps people ‘fill in’ wrinkles and fine lines from the inside-out. It’s a series of plant-derived ceramides – fats – that occur naturally in skin.

Ceramides make up to 40% of skin’s structure. They decrease with age too, which explains much of the wrinkles and older complexion people get with age – and how grateful they are when you give them younger skin with Phyto350.

Yes, we’re talking about a plant-derived little powerhouse capsule that gives clients younger complexion, with a quick ‘face-lift’ effect that repairs damaged skin, protects against sun-aging, and, believe us, a whole lot more.

Product Format:

Each bottle has 30 350mg capsules to be taken once a day.

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